Mon Thong Durian

Our Durian farm produces the Mon Thong variety which is widely recognized as the world’s most famous and delicious Durian. Mon Thong Durian is native to eastern Thailand where our family has farmed for decades.

Best Durian

The Mon Thong Durian is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside and has a delightful texture with light yellow seeds. On the Brix scale it has a sweetness level of 32 when fully cooked and this can be reduced to suit customer preferences.

Other Thai Durian Varieties

We grow and source other Thai Durian varieties such as Chanee and Kanyao and the rare and locally grown Kradum or new hot coming call Black Thorn.

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We at Changtoon Trading Co., Ltd, are the finest producers of Durian, Mangosteen, and the other Thai fruit. Our product is grown with dedication and love on our family farm. Quality and taste is second to none.

With over 50 years experience growing exotic Thai fruits at our family farm we pass our knowledge, dedication and values from generation to generation, in order to bring the best quality fruit directly from our farm, to you.

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